Bali Kertha Gosa

Bale means Place or building, Kertha means safe or fair, and Goa means Announced. So Bale Kertha Gosa means the place which is used for discussing about safe, justice, and prosperity of Bali at that time. Bale Kertha Gosa is located in the centre of Semarapura city, Kelungkung, it is around 46 km from Denpasar.  Bale Kertha Gosa was built as completeness of the main capital city of Kelungkung which is moved from Gelgel 1686. It happened because of insurrection, it showed by Chandra Sengkala dated, which is carved in the main entrance of Bale Kertha Gosa. The carving are Cakra Yuyu Paksi Paksi, it means 1662 Chaka so it is on 1700 Masehi.